Fellow Real Estate Professionals:  Hablas Espanol?


I have somehow landed on a Spanish-speakers mailing list.  I'm not sure how this happened.  At first, I thought it was the result of joining NAHREP (National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals), but the emails are arriving through an account I rarely use, rather than the Gmail account I use for my Seattle real estate business.  That takes NAHREP off the hook.  You might be asking yourself at this point why I joined the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals if I am not an Hispanic real estate professional.  Well, I am a Seattle real estate professional.  And, NAHREP puts on excellent programs.  And, members get preferential seating.

As if these daily emails aren't bad enough, yesterday i received a brochure in my snail mail for Spanish cinema in Seattle.  As a real estate professional, I live in a world of endless opportunities for losing focus.  Now, I'm being distracted in TWO languages! Oh, if I could only turn back the clock to High School (skipping, of course, all the pimples and heartbreak).  I could have taken Spanish, but I didn't.  Who knew?  And since there is little chance that the U. S. will have the fifth largest population of German-speaking people in the world, here is just another example of me taking a wrong turn in life.

Every day, I am more amazed at how the Internet has changed our lives.  I can remember when the big fear was contracting STD's.  Nowadays, the big fear is a disease we can catch all alone in the privacy of our home office.  So, how did I end up in this predicament?  Somehow, sometime, somewhere, I put my name on a list.  I must have.  And it had to be a list in English because my German is really rough.  That list, somehow, got into the hands of some Hispanic spammers who weren't paying attention and confused their English-speakers list with their Spanish-speakers list.

Hmmm...if only it were that simple.

So, where do I go from here?  Well, certainly not to Berlitz.  The closest one is in Bellevue and I'm in Seattle -- not a good use of my time --- lots of traffic across the 520 bridge.  I tried forwarding my emails to the leader of the Seattle NAHREP chapter, hoping he would unsubscribe for me, but he just sent them back.  I've been afraid to guess where the "unsubscribe" link is for fear of signing up for more emails.  What do I do?

I have an idea.

Let me do the math...Google says 12% of the U. S. population is Spanish speaking.  If there are 300 customers every day coming to the Starbucks in the Greenlake neighborhood of Seattle, where I live, over an eight-hour period (SWAG), then I can grab my laptop and head over there in the hope of making friends with those 4.5 Spanish speakers who will be there today.  They can show me where to unsubscribe.

Or, I can copy and paste the bottom portion of the emails into a Spanish translation web site and hope to see where the "unsubscribe" link is myself.

Or...I can just hit "delete."