It's Not What You Know That Counts -- It's Who You Can Meet!


It's not what you know that counts.  It's not even who you know.  Now, and possibly for the rest of eternity, it's all about who you can meet.  I've been a Realtor® for over thirty years.  If I get more specific than that, you might figure out how old I am.  I used to think I knew a lot, and I have the testimonials to prove it.  I even received one today on Linked In from a 2009 satisfied customer.  He thanked me for what I knew, among other things.  Brian was a chance call on a listing I had.  And the seller of that home was a chance call on another listing of mine.  And the owner of that listing was a referral from the Dave Ramsey Show.  There was a time when that sort of pattern was how I generated business -- by putting one foot in front of the other and paying attention to details.  I can remember when the words "lead" and "generation" were rarely on the same page.  Now, they go together like peanut butter and jelly.

This morning, I attended an awesome online Rain Camp, full of so many creative and amazing ideas that my head is still reeling.  They even gave away prizes, but since I'm one of the real estate agents who has not yet figured out Twitter, I couldn't even enter to win.  For a Realtor® who started selling homes before there was an MLS (and yes, there were no personal computers either, but we did have automobiles), I do pretty well.  I'm on Facebook and Linked In and now Google+.  I'm an e-Pro, which seems irrevalent now.  I text and check email from my iPhone4 and pretty much lead a paperless existence with the aid of my Fujitsu Scansnap 1500M.  I'm a Rainmaker with a half dozen blog posts under my belt, and I create my many online profiles with speed and agility.  At document signings, I flip out my flip video to get testimonials.  And yet, when it comes to lead generation, I'm a babe in the woods.  How ironic that after spending my entire adult life in one career, I have no expertise with what is now one of the basic components of that career!

I have a lot of real estate colleagues from the old days.  We are a persistent bunch, and most of us are looking around and wondering what happened to the business we used to know.  There was a time when buyers and sellers were easy to come by -- the trick was finding them the right house.  Nowadays, they usually find the house on their own -- and the trick is finding them!  We veterans still have the knack, though -- we just have to learn the tech.

So, I've become a webinar junkie.  I take IMSD and Active Rain University classes in the privacy of my home office more than once a week.  I read many of the other Rainmaker blogs to glean their tips and tricks.  And, I'm really, really close to signing up for Tweetdeck.  I never quit and I like to eat.  In a few years, I'll need a new Lexus.  There is no way but straight ahead.  Move over, Junior, 'cause Grandma's looking for leads.