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Living in Green Lake Could Be Hazardous to Your Health


Living in Green Lake Could be Fattening I say this because I live across the street from the best little gelato place in all of Seattle - Bottega Italiana.  They also have excellent coffee, even by Seattle standards, and their sandwiches and salads are pretty good too, but it's the gelato, late in the evening, after realizing I didn't eat enough dinner, that calls out "Kaaaaren, oh Kaaaaren.  We still have some tiramisu just for you."  And I cave.  I forget all about the ills of eating ice cream before bed - all about the ills of just eating ice cream - until about 2:00 a.m. Then, I remember.

Living in Green Lake Could be Bad for your Career

I say this because I live a block away from one of the most popular parks in all of Seattle - Green Lake Park.  On a clear day, there are hundreds of Seattleites walking the 3-mile path that surrounds Green Lake.  On a sunny day, the area is filled with people playing volley ball, shooting baskets, jogging, biking, sunning, or kayaking on the lake.  On a rainy day, you will still see a few dedicated Green Lake fans walking the lake.  I actually have no trouble resisting Green Lake in the rain, but when the sun comes out and hundreds of people appear out of nowhere, I say to myself "You LIVE here.  You should be out there, too, enjoying yourself like the rest of them."

Living in Green Lake Could be Bad for your Pocketbook

I say this because it's not cheap to be living in Green Lake.  It's a very cool place to be, and cool is expensive.  If it weren't expensive, can you imagine how many more people would be living here?  The traffic jams would be bad.  Fortunately, the walkability score where I live is 89 out of 100, so even if there's a lot of traffic, I can get around on foot.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of great shops and restaurants contributing to that excellent walkability score.  That means there are a lot of places to spend money, which is why I said living in Green Lake could be bad for your pocketbook.

Living in Green Lake Could be Dangerous

I say this because there is one of the most ridiculous intersections in the entire world at the corner (if you want to call it a "corner") of Greenlake, Woodlawn, & Ravenna.  Intersections usually involve 2 streets, but this intersection involves 3 streets.  Therefore, more than one car, and sometimes as many as three, are in the intersection together at the same time. I haven't been killed there yet, but the thought does cross my mind from time to time.

So, in closing, if you're not worried about your weight, and you don't care about your career, if someone just left you a lot of money and you like living on the edge, you should consider living in Green Lake!

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