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For Realtors@: "Play Toys" is Probably not on Your List of "To Do's" for Today


"Play toys" is probably not on your list of "to do's" for today -- or even yesterday, for that matter.  In fact, I would venture a guess that you haven't had "play toys" on your list of things to do for as long as you've had a list.  We've never met, but I've seen your list many times.  It goes something like this:

1.    Make prospect calls
2.    Work on scripts
3.    Call on FSBO's
4.    Make more prospect calls

I have a two-year-old grandson named Sebastian.  He has only one item on his To Do list - "Play toys."  Granted, he has no financial obligations, no mortgage payment or credit card bill to take care of each month.  But I can tell you what he does have:  he has the look of pure joy and fascination on his face most of the time.  How often do you find yourself bounding out of your crib in the morning, eager to start a new day?

Oh, rescue me from those real estate trainers who insist we must spend hours every day staying in touch with anyone who even knows our name!  Other than precious metal miners, name me one wealthy person who grew his fortune by prospecting for two hours every day.  And who was it anyway who decided it takes 25 calls to produce one good client?  How will we ever dip into the magical pool of the Collective Unconscious (where all good ideas lie) if we're always making cold calls?

I've studied Sebastian a lot.  Totally absorbed while playing with the same toy truck, he moves it back and forth along the window sill, turning it upside down, grabbing a little man to put inside, and probably taking it to magical places in his mind.  This is what puts that big smile on his face.  What is it about engaging with his imagination that brings him such pleasure?  And if it works for him, why wouldn't it work for us?  Every day, we're aiming for what Sebastian was born knowing (we were, too) to feel that joy.

Steve Jobs didn't become a visionary by performing tedious, rote activities, and Thomas Edison certainly didn't invent the telephone so he could make cold calls.  These men followed their inner voices and did what made their hearts sing.  Are we signing up for the trainers who will teach us to do that?

If you think I'm someone who just wants to get out of doing the tedious parts of my job, you would be correct.

Oh, my...

is that what I think it is?

Could it be the sun, peering out from beneath the clouds?

I'm in Seattle...and...the sun is coming out...I've got to run...

Play Toys!